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Flexible, Comprehensive LTC Pharmacy Software

Flexible, Comprehensive LTC Pharmacy Software  

Integra’s PrimeCare system offers the most comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable software in the industry. PrimeCare improves efficiency and profitability for LTC pharmacies serving skilled-nursing, hospice, group homes, assisted-living facilities, and features open architecture through product APIs. Our dashboard monitors workflow queues to alert you to potential bottlenecks. PrimeCare includes over 200 forms, including physician’s orders, medication administration, and psychotropic medication. Fill lists streamline cycle filling and offers flexible billing schedules. It fully integrates with DocuTrack® for document management and DeliveryTrack® for facility delivery optimization as well as hundreds of interfaces, including eMARs, dispensing devices, packaging systems, ADT, and more. Physician-approved Therapeutic Interchange module improves patient outcomes and WebConnect® provides facility staff with secure access to view patient profiles, order refills, maintain ancillary orders, access clinical information, and print MARs. The system integrates with QS/1’s POS and IVR systems and HME Document Management for Medicare Part B billing to offer a complete business solution for combo shop pharmacies serving community patients. The PrimeCare team offers 24-hour emergency support, on-site and online training, and the largest field support team in the industry.



Jim McDonald

National Sales Director 

317 Commercial Avenue

Anacortes, WA 98221

PHONE: 360-588-0574

FAX: 360-588-0649

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