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Laboratory and Scientific Storage Equipment

Laboratory and Scientific Storage Equipment

Nor-Lake® Scientific has provided quality refrigeration equipment to the laboratory and scientific market since 1947 and is committed to meeting customer needs for high-quality and reliable refrigeration storage. The Nor-Lake Scientific advantage includes a comprehensive array of products and services, product variety, sizes, features and selection, value add options and accessories, and competitive prices.  Many models are available from stock inventory for immediate delivery. The Nor-Lake® Scientific product portfolio includes: Black Diamond and White Diamond Series Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers; Ultra Low Freezers; Pass-Thru Refrigerators; Enzyme Freezers; Flammable Storage Refrigerators and Freezers; General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers; Combination Refrigerators and Freezers; Undercounter and Table Top Refrigerators and Freezers; Temperature and Humidity Controlled Stability Chambers; and Environmental Walk-in Rooms.


Nor-Lake® Scientific

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FAX: 715-386-4290

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