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Innovative Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers

Innovative Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers

Since 1955, Migali® Scientific has been a leading USA manufacturer of high-performance refrigerators and freezers. Our mission is to help protect the lives of patients by manufacturing innovative, cutting-edge refrigeration systems that safely store pharmaceutical products. Migali® offers a vast array of technologies and refrigeration solutions that exceed USP, NIH, CDC, and AABB guidelines. We also offer flexible and customizable options for every client’s unique application. The Migali® IntelVU® operating system includes the latest temperature monitoring technologies, programmable features, alarms, battery back-ups, and security features to ensure redundancies across all critical operational points. Furthermore, Migali® Scientific's expansion valve system is integrated across all Evolution Series products to ensure rapid temperature recovery and precise temperature cycling. Many of Migali® Scientific’s products are now DOE and Energy Star certified and utilize all natural refrigerants that reduce total energy consumption up to 40% with a global warming potential rating of nearly zero. By integrating the latest in refrigeration technological advancements, Migali® has been able to engineer quieter, more reliable, and aesthetically beautiful pharmacy refrigerators and freezers that exceed the healthcare community's technological and budgetary requirements. 


Migali® Scientific

1 Triangle Lane 

Blackwood, NJ 08012

TOLL-FREE: 855-464-4254

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