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Clean. Comply. Collect.

Clean. Comply. Collect.

At Pharma Logistics, we specialize in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, handling the return credit process for retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and other healthcare providers across the nation. Whether you need to get your credits more quickly, are looking for a convenient way to ship your expired drugs, or would like more visibility into the status of your returned products, Pharma Logistics has a seamless service to ensure compliance and improve profitability. For your returns, choose from our Box & Ship or Onsite Services. The Pharma Logistics’ Rapid Credit Program is a powerful enhancement to reverse distribution services. Rapid Credit, available for both Onsite and Box & Ship, offers expedited processing for pharmaceutical product returns with both financial and operational benefits to a pharmacy. With Rapid Credit you receive cash fast, within 14 days from the date the items are received at our warehouse —instead of waiting 12 or more months, the industry standard. Pharma Logistics also offers online analytics through a 24/7 client portal which allows for added visibility into your returns. To get started with Pharma Logistics, call 888-729-7427 or visit

Pharma Logistics
1795 N. Butterfield Road
Suite 203
Libertyville, IL 60048
TOLL-FREE: 888-729-7427
FAX: 847-837-5079

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