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Sun and Reading Glasses Program Tailored for Pharmacies

Sun and Reading Glasses Program Tailored for Pharmacies

Franklin Eyewear®, named after Ben Franklin who invented bifocals, covers the bases for your eyewear needs. Franklin Eyewear® is a color-coded sun and reading glasses program. Reading glasses price tags are color-coded by strength and sunglass price tags by category. This makes it easy to keep your displays organized and makes re-ordering simple! Our $6.99 retail price on readers and sunglasses will have your customers buying multiple pairs! Our bifocal sun readers are only $9.99 and come in handy to read your smartphone. Polarized sunglasses are part of the program too, at $9.99 retail, 50% profit on all! Restocking your displays is simple. Just organize your display by color-code and go to our website If you prefer, you can download an order form from our site or call us at (877) 766-0321. Free shipping and free displays! We’re here to help!


Franklin Eyewear®

Al Underwood

P.O. Box 13887

Jackson, MS 39236

TOLL-FREE: 877-766-0321

TOLL-FREE FAX: 877-766-9542

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