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What's Your Value? Special Guest: Greg L. Alston PharmD

Special Guest Greg L. Alston, with Ben Coakley on the Income Outcomes Show.

The profession of pharmacy has been an awesome career for me.  It has allowed me the freedom to practice in a variety of environments and to provide for my family.  But the profession I entered in 1977 is not the profession we are looking at today.  And in my opinion, many of the commonly held beliefs about the profession are keeping people from being successful.  My goal is to challenge your unsaid assumptions and internal biases.  By challenging those biases, I believe you will discover a new world of opportunity for your career.

There are three big misconceptions that I believe the profession has been singing the wrong song about. I don’t think anybody has been doing this intentionally to harm the profession and yet I think the lack of progress the profession has made primarily emanates from some of these misguided assumptions.

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