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Improve Adherence. Streamline Processes. Increase Revenue.

Improve Adherence. Streamline Processes. Increase Revenue.

Rx30 offers the most advanced, user-friendly pharmacy management software available! Offering a breadth of functionality designed to provide speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, Rx30 has been at the forefront of creating innovative features, developing valuable integration partners, and maximizing your business and patient successes. Offering features, such as: Clinical Services Division; Pharmacogenomics; MTM/Star ratings management; Medication synchronization; Secure patient communication tools; Real-time commercial plan lookups; Total automation of refills; Document scanning/storage/retrieval; Adherence reporting; Automated prior authorizations; 340B processing; Workflow management; Outbound calling/emailing/texting for compliance; AWP resubmittal integration; Built-in facts/comparisons; Automated reconciliation; Integrated POS and interfaces to most IVR, robotic, and POS systems in the marketplace. Rx30 provides the simplicity you want, combined with the flexibility and detail that you require! Whether you’re a retail, LTC, ambulatory pharmacy, I.V./compounding, or mail-order, Rx30 is ready to handle your needs today and into the future. Even more important, Rx30 knows that its #1 priority is to support your pharmacy every day. Our highly-trained support technicians are available to answer any questions quickly and accurately. Come take a look today! 


Rx30/Transaction Data Systems, Inc.

788 Montgomery Avenue

Ocoee, FL 34761

TOLL-FREE: 800-289-7930

PHONE: 407-295-5050

FAX: 407-297-0048

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