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Comprehensive Pharmacy Management Software Solution

Comprehensive Pharmacy Management Software Solution

Whether you are a retail, mail order, or specialty pharmacy, or have your own unique niche, GuardianRx from CarePoint offers systems to meet all of your pharmacy business needs. With features such as Med Sync, Future Fill, Web Refill, Progress Notes and more ... plus hundreds of integrations, we are building software systems for every pharmacy business model. With the input of pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy innovators, GuardianRx™ remains at the cutting edge in the industry to give you a flexible pharmacy system that compliments your pharmacy business model. CarePoint’s true pharmacy management systems have been helping pharmacists simplify complex functions and reduce operating costs while providing more efficient, expanded services and benefits to patients for more than 25 years. At CarePoint we view ourselves as your pharmacy systems partner, today and in the future – and we measure our success by yours!



215 East Bay Street 

Suite 304

Charleston, SC 29401

PHONE: 843-853-6999

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