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Cutting-Edge POS Designed to Increase Revenue and Customer Care

Cutting-Edge POS Designed to Increase Revenue and Customer Care

Retail Management Solutions has become synonymous with innovative technologies to drive revenue, improve patient outcomes, and increase profits. With our solutions, our customers are enjoying capabilities like handheld point-of-sale solutions, EMV card acceptance, mobile payments options like ApplePay, and nutrient depletion warnings at the register. With interfaces to over 30 different Rx systems, EDI ordering with most drug wholesalers, and flexibility to work with many credit card processors, customers tell us over and over we are the easiest company in the industry to work with! Our systems for independent pharmacies and hospital outpatient pharmacies feature proven, efficient, secure, and cost-effective Windows-based software with a full range of features (Star-Lite, Star Plus, and Star-Link). It saves space, time, and money, and enables pharmacies to provide unprecedented levels of service and convenience to their customers and patients. In the hospital environment, EvolutionPOS is the ideal tool to capture in-patient discharge scripts that otherwise walk away. That, in turn, enables higher medication compliance and reduced readmissions. Our team is the largest, most experienced pharmacy POS staff in the nation, with 24/7 support, across all North American time zones. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see if we’d be a good fit for your pharmacy!


Retail Management Solutions (RMS)

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