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Build a Better Pharmacy

Build a Better Pharmacy

For over 30 years, VIP Pharmacy Systems has been supporting independent pharmacies of all sizes, helping them not simply stay in business, but grow and thrive. By combining fast, intuitive, software with immediate and personal user support, VIP gives your pharmacy the tools it needs to be competitive in an ever-changing and challenging industry. Whether it’s providing syncing and autofill tools inside of your workflow, being notified of potential DIR fees, reducing wasteful overstocked drugs with intelligent inventory management, interfacing with compliance packaging tools, or using our drug and prescription image verification software to reduce costly mistakes, VIP’s full suite of pharmacy software tools is designed to reduce your store’s costs and maximize your profitability. The VIP Pharmacy Management System includes fully-integrated options for pharmacy, LTC, point of sale, and IVR, making VIP your one call for all of your hardware and software needs inside your pharmacy. And because VIP’s system is modular in design, you won’t be charged for software you don’t use, keeping your startup costs low and letting your software scale with your pharmacy as it expands. VIP Pharmacy Systems strives every day to provide our users with the most personal user support and we are available 24/7 to make sure you get the immediate help you need. 


VIP Pharmacy Systems

Kenton Summers

Vice President

138 N. Churton Street

Hillsborough, NC 27278

PHONE: 919-644-1690

FAX: 919-644-1694

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