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Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS)

Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS)

SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) is a pharmacy management system that addresses the needs and challenges presented in the independent pharmacy market. Developed by pharmacists and guided by our customers, SuiteRx IPS enables independent and small chain pharmacies to use state-of-the-art technology to better meet the needs of their customers while increasing speed and accuracy within their pharmacy. With retail, long term care, and combo platforms of the software, along with advanced compounding and specialty pharmacy workflow options, IPS is a comprehensive solution that will fit any pharmacy environment. SuiteRx IPS integrates prescription synchronization, adherence reporting, document and delivery management, POS, inventory management (including 340B), and web portal capabilities into one seamless application. Pharmacies using our robust functionality find that the once daily manual tasks are now easily automated leaving more time for patient-focused care. If you desire an all-inclusive pharmacy software solution at an affordable price without sacrificing quality, then SuiteRx is for you! Why wait? Schedule a demo with SuiteRx today!


SuiteRx, LLC

307 S. Jupiter Road 

Suite 205

Allen, TX 75002

PHONE: 916-242-8779

FAX: 972-559-3156

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