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One System, One Vendor, One Call

One System, One Vendor, One Call

Rely on us and you will sleep better. One system, one vendor, one call. SRS services and supports 100% of hardware, software, network, and security. SRS is your remote IT department, your interface partner, and your pharmacy software provider. SRS provides EPCS, networking, VOIP, EMV, SIGIS, PMP, URAC, State law compliance, Federal law compliance, workflow, Rx scanning, text alerts, smartphone refills, POS, UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping manager, IVR, PhoneManager, Visa/MC/FSA/HRA credit card, LTC color MAR printing, Timeclock, A/R, laser/thermal printing, and more. SRS provides pharmacy management software to community, hospital, clinic, university, and small chain pharmacies throughout the United States. With SRS, pharmacies don't have to contend with software drivers, updates, patches, network management, antivirus software, or forced server upgrades. Looking for stability and tired of changing systems every seven years? With a 95% customer satisfaction over 25 years, choosing SRS may be the last pharmacy conversion required.


SRS Pharmacy Systems

TOLL-FREE: 800-673-6226

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