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QS/1® Offers Compliance Packaging Label Solution

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According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the 4 billion prescriptions filled each year in the United States, half are not taken in accordance with the prescribers’ instructions. QS/1 pharmacy management software offers a label for medication adherence packaging.

“Pharmacists can play a crucial role in improving the compliance rates of their patients,” said Ed Vess, QS/1’s Director of Pharmacy Professional Affairs. “Using the M108 label routine, pharmacies can fill a variety of medications, along with directions for use, and apply them to the specialized medication adherence packaging.”

The special packaging is available through IntegralRx and helps patients improve compliance by grouping their medications by day and the time of day each group needs to be taken.


“This bi-fold blister card is unique because it can be assembled by the pharmacy staff,” said Kathy Allison, IntegralRx’s Business Development Manager. “The pharmacy only needs a color laser printer to provide their patients with this special service. They simply fill the prescriptions, put the medications in the appropriate slot, and then seal.”

The pharmacy can then print and apply the M108 label to the compliance packaging and deliver it to the patient. The special packaging and detailed label is an additional reminder to patients on what prescriptions to take and what time to take them.


“Medication adherence goes beyond not taking the prescribed medications,” Vess added. “It’s also about taking the medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor. This label routine is available in PrimeCare and NRx using the Nursing Home Module so pharmacies can use it with the packaging to help increase patient compliance.”

The QS/1 M108 label is formatted to work with the IntegralRx packaging and includes easy to read directions, as well as the patient’s name, drug, a picture of the drug for easy identification, and warning messages. A picture of the patient can also be printed on the label to help long-term care facilities identify the patient.



About QS/1

QS/1 is the premiere pharmacy partner in the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. With a customer-centric approach, QS/1 offers software solutions helping community, chain and hospital outpatient pharmacies, and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, proficient, and successful through technology. QS/1 is the only vendor with an integrated suite of products, including point-of-sale, IVR, document management, mobile refills, delivery apps, built-in prescription synchronization, and HME documentation. QS/1 is part of Smith Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation, one of the largest privately held companies in South Carolina. For additional information about QS/1 and the products and services it provides, visit or call 800.231.7776.

About IntegralRx

Founded in 1985, Integral Rx is a division of the J M Smith Corporation, one of the largest privately-owned companies. Specializing in high-quality pharmacy supplies and Rx products, Integral Rx acts as a one-stop shop for pharmacies, offering a wide variety of stock and custom products, as well as competitively priced generics. They strive to meet the needs of independent pharmacies, hospitals, long term care facilities, and veterinary clinics, and their account representatives work to provide superior customer service by anticipating their customer’s needs. Visit or call 844.345.3480.

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