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Affordable Pharmacy Automation

Affordable Pharmacy Automation

Torbal Scales are renowned for the highest quality available at the most affordable price. Our NTEP certified pill counting scales are ideal for any pharmacy owner looking for fast and accurate counts, as well as a terrific return on investment. Premium DRX-5 Series pill counting models include features such as Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy (APA), Pill Fragment Detection (PFD), and NDC Verification. The DRX500s cloud model includes a preloaded NDC directory and piece weights database. Torbal’s cloud service provides users with complete access to a private account which is used for activity monitoring of both the scales and individual users. The cloud offers real-time monitoring through email notifications and alerts for user caused miscounts and failed Rx validations. Torbal offers pharmacy scales for a wide variety of pharmacy compounding and pill counting applications. All models have a rugged design for extensive and lasting use.


Scientific Industries, Inc.

80 Orville Drive

Bohemia, NY 11716

TOLL-FREE: 866-473-6900

FAX: 973-777-8302

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