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Unit Dose Pharmacy Packaging Solutions Provider

Unit Dose Pharmacy Packaging Solutions Provider

Medical Packaging Inc. (MPI) has been a global healthcare packaging solutions provider for over 40 years and is the first manufacturer in the U.S. to design and market a bench-scale strip packager for hospitals. MPI provides innovative pharmacy packaging solutions for packaging oral solid and oral liquid medication, and overwrapping and labeling of ampoules, vials, and syringes, which contribute to saving patient's lives by reducing medication errors while increasing efficiency and automation in pharmacy packaging operations. Implemented by acute care and LTC/EC pharmacies, as well as retail, repackaging, and specialty pharmacies worldwide, MPI’s packaging solutions, which include MPI’s exclusive Pak-EDGE™ UD Barcode Labeling Software, are uniquely positioned to assist the hospital pharmacy with BPOC and BCMA initiatives and include optional integration to First DataBank™ drug data, imprints, and images library, thereby assisting the pharmacy to reduce potential dispensing errors, decrease costs, and increase safety and efficiency.


Medical Packaging Inc. 

8 Kings Court 

Flemington, NJ 08822 

TOLL-FREE: 800-257-5282 FAX: 609-466-3775

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