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Improving Efficiency, Productivity, and Your Bottom Line

Improving Efficiency, Productivity, and Your Bottom Line

Since 2006, DOSIS has been leading the way in autonomous workflow solutions through the vision of improving pharmacy efficiencies. We strive to make the pharmacist more productive while improving patient care making pharmacies more accurate and profitable than ever before. As the industry-leading autonomous workflow system, DOSIS produces more than 2 million blister card prescriptions every month in pharmacies ranging in size from 350 to over 10,000 patients. Because each pharmacy is unique in operation, DOSIS customizes integration and seamlessly connects to the pharmacy management software ensuring a personalized solution every time. This includes a monthly, no-lease pricing structure that gives options to each pharmacy. DOSIS has streamlined integration into a simple process from evaluating the pharmacy's workflow to going live with the units ensuring a quick and straightforward installation. DOSIS makes increasing blister card production easy with the flexibility of adding units to the system at any time making DOSIS the only truly scalable option. Our team is ready to discuss the details of your specific pharmacy workflow and the impact we can have on your bottom line.


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