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Pharmacy Automation. Simplified.

Pharmacy Automation. Simplified.

Whether it's adding equipment to your existing workflow or building a central pharmacy from the ground up, Noritsu Medical Group has you covered. We offer an expansive range of strip pouch packaging equipment, remote dispensing solutions, software, integration, and implementation, all backed with our nationwide, award-winning, service. Noritsu understands that every pharmacy is different so we approach every customer with the concept of learning their operation first, in order to provide a customized efficient solution. Our entire line of strip pouch packagers, from our space-saving Z-Series to our high-speed Xana Series, boasts unparalleled build quality and reliability, super sharp printing of text, images, and administration detail, with highly efficient workflow. Once that solution is in place, our service team has your back. Since Noritsu’s inception in 1978, we’ve earned a loyal customer base because of our service team’s fast response time, skill set, and personalized service. If you are in need of a workflow analysis and a no-obligation consultation for pharmacy automation, call Noritsu Medical Group today. 

Noritsu Medical Group
6900 Noritsu Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
TOLL FREE: 800-521-3686

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