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Single Dose and Multi Dose Solutions

Single Dose and Multi Dose Solutions

Choose from our wide assortment of heat seal and cold seal pill cards in either single dose or multi-dose packaging. Our color-coded MedTime cards are an excellent way to encourage adherence. Besides traditional 30 or 31 count cards, we also offer control cards, 60/62 count and 90 count cards, OP Series (ideal for e-kits), and our unit dose reclaimable packaging. Heat seal cards are recommended for any pharmacy servicing over 100 patients to help lower costs in the long run vs. using cold seal. Three levels of heat seal presses are offered to meet your needs regardless of your size – motorized Autosealer (three second seal time), manual Auto Open (five second seal time), and the 2-card manual Maxx press. Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned, full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies including labels, bags, vials, medication cards, and LTC packaging for community and institutional pharmacies.


Rx Systems, Inc.

121 Point West Boulevard

St. Charles, MO 63301

TOLL-FREE: 800-922-9142

PHONE: 636-925-0001

FAX: 636-925-0041

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