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23 & Your Data - Gavel & Pestle Podcast

Darshan and Major talk about 23 & Me Data collected and it's potential ramifications to our privacy. 

"Embedded in our genetic code is all kinds of sensitive data that could be compromising in the wrong hands without genetic privacy protections, the information stored in our genes might be used to discriminate against us or send us targeted ads.

For these reasons, some have said we should skip out on consumer DNA tests if we value our privacy. Last week, after the FDA gave DNA testing company 23andMe the greenlight to offer consumers disease risk assessments, there was a new wave of warnings.

“The product isn’t really a kit...the product is you,” Popular Science wrote after the announcement. Others have speculated that the company’s long-term goals include selling your data for advertising purposes.

Let’s be clear here. 23andMe definitely is selling your data to third party companies, research institutions and nonprofits. But it is not selling your genetic data to those entities in order for them to sell you things. It is selling de-identified, aggregate data for research, if you give them consent."

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