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Meet LDU - Put an End to Dispensing Workflow Bottlenecks

Tension Packaging and Automation’s Linear Dispensing Unit (LDU) is the first tool of its kind to dispense, package, and verify pharmacy products that vary in shape and size. Special features allow the LDU to increase accuracy and expand pharmacy throughput.

The LDU’s auto-archiving system records and validates medications as they move through the machine, eliminating a common bottleneck. Instead of verifying each item by hand, pharmacists review contents and data on a computer monitor, streamlining the final stage of verification and increasing production.

Keeping the LDU stocked requires zero downtime: Rear-loading slots mean staff members can replenish stock without stopping or slowing the system’s operations. 

ldu_open_hood_9399_0.jpg linus_ldu_verification_label_4084 (1).jpg linus_ldu_dispensing_product (1).jpg

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