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Jared Johnson's Healthcare Rap: Special Feature

My friend and fellow Healthcare Podcaster Jared Johnson created the Healthcare Rap, where we are ushering in the future of healthcare and we check yesterday's thinking at the door. The Healthcare Rap is about challenging assumptions about marketing and technology, and the status quo no longer exists. 

Jared writes: One of the greatest success stories of the power of healthcare content is the Pharmacy Podcast Network, whose founder Todd Eury is celebrating 10 years as a podcaster. Todd is all about community, as evidenced by his shout-outs to colleagues and hosts including Erin Albert, Timothy Aungst, Meghann Chilcott, John Nosta, Joe Lavelle, Janet Kennedy, Darshan Kulkarni, Chad Worz, Matt Paterini, and Troy Trygstad. What’s a concierge pharmacist, and what else is on the horizon in the world of pharmacy? All that, plus honoring efforts in addiction recovery and fighting the opioid crisis.

What an honor to be featured on this podcast, thank you Jared. 

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