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Celebrating 30+ Years as a VAWD Accredited Wholesaler, Packager and Licensed Manufacturer [VIDEO]

PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

The Clear Choice

Positioned in the heartland of the U.S.A, PD-Rx is celebrating 30+ years as a VAWD Accredited Wholesaler, Packager, and Licensed Manufacturer. 

PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, strategically located with a centralized warehouse is known for its EZ Sourcing Capabilities, personalized customer service, and packaging solutions. 

Contact us to Increase Prescriptions and Maximize Profits through our new Brand, Specialty and unique programs utilizing our access to Discharge Patients, Physician Network, and National Sales Team. 

Call: 1-800-299-7379| Fax: 800-370-3556 | Email: 

Established in 1987, publicly traded PDRX

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