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Paladin Data Corporation

Integration and Compliance in an Easy to Use Point of Sale System

Paladin pharmacy point of sale keeps you compliant and connected to your pharmacy management system to streamline the day-to-day operation of your business. Paladin is designed to be easy-to-use so checkout flows smoothly, leaving you more time to focus on improving patient care.


HIPAA signature requests are conveyed to cashiers when required. Depending on your Rx system, one signature can cover numerous requirements: acknowledge consultation, acceptance of easy-open caps, proof of pickup, etc. When the transaction is complete, all information is returned securely to your Rx system to protect patient privacy and keep your pharmacy compliant with government and insurance regulations.

A built-in NPLEx integration allows Paladin to connect directly to the NPLEx database during checkout to track pseudoephedrine purchases, enforce purchase limits and signature requirements. Customer data captured during checkout is uploaded immediately to NPLEx from Paladin to save time and increase efficiency.

SIGIS certification gives Paladin pharmacy point of sale the power to use the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) to automatically update your inventory to reflect changes made to the list of IRS-approved items that can be purchased with FSA/HRA cards. Purchases may be split between FSA/HRA cards, credit cards, and other forms of payment for added efficiency and faster checkout.


A number of Rx software programs integrate with Paladin’s pharmacy point of sale to retrieve patient data and co-pay amounts. Cashiers can quickly verify that every patient is receiving the correct prescription and collect the proper amount at checkout.

Rx wholesaler integrations allow Paladin to connect directly to many suppliers through electronic data transfer (EDI). Resupply your pharmacy with fewer steps while dramatically reducing errors.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly graphic display gives instant access to product availability, invoice history, and all functions needed to service customers quickly and efficiently.

Minimal training is required to make new users productive. New cashiers can be ringing up transactions after as little as 15 minutes of instruction.


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