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Pharmaceutical Returns Made Simple!

The Proven Industry Leader in Returns

Founded in 2000, PharmaLink is the nation’s premier Pharmaceutical Returns and Disposal provider. Our services include safely removing expired, damaged and unwanted pharmaceuticals from pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Our holistic approach results in tailored custom solutions to ensure maximum return credits and regulatory compliance. With our unique advanced web-based reporting platform, we provide you an analysis of your returned pharmaceuticals to help you make better financial business decisions for your company. With both mail-in and on-site return services, we offer maximum credit with every return, personalized customer service, guaranteed compliance and advanced reporting tools to provide you with the best returns and disposal services.


We offer both on-site and mail-in service nationwide with a focus on personalization and an SOP driven process that ensures compliance and maximum credit recovery. All services are conducted by our specially trained employees who have expert knowledge on our return process and access to advanced web-based computer reporting systems that bring a new level of transparency to our customers at any time. Whether you choose to have us service your facility on-site, or mail-in your returns for processing, you will receive the same level of quality service, expertise and commitment to excellence.

On-Site Return Services Include:

-Complete inventory of all products removed and returned.

-Preparation of regulatory paperwork including DEA 222 form.

-Preparation of return inventory shipment.

-Shipping to processing facility.

-Processing of returnable products and recall items.

-Return authorization management.

-Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.

-Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.

-Credit reporting and reconciliation.

Mail-in Return Services Include:

-Web-Based inventory creation and reporting application

-Shipping of products to processing center.

-Online preparation of DEA 222 form requests.

-Processing of returnable products and recall items.

-Return authorization management.

-Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.

-Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.

-Credit reporting and reconciliation.

PharmaLink Reporting Services

The management and reporting of the returns process reaches a new level of simplicity and visibility with Encore®, by PharmaLink. Encore® provides users with a complete pharmaceutical returns management suite to enhance the reverse logistics process across healthcare operations. With its easy-to-use, interface, step-by-step inventory tools, and reporting, Encore® paints a complete picture of your return inventory in real-time. Additionally, corporate and store-level credit data is easily reconciled to maximize the financial impact of returns in inventory. Dashboard reporting provides management users with key performance indicators to make a better impact on business decisions and quickly identify issues relating to operations and waste in inventory.

RxTakeBack® – Consumer Disposal Solution

Just like pharmacists, patients have old or unused prescriptions that need to be destroyed. Bring your customers back to your pharmacy with a compliant and environmentally responsible drug disposal solution. RxTakeBack® makes it easy to run your own drug take-back program and to stand out in your community as a leader in responsible drug disposal. The RxTakeBack® kiosk provides your store with a consumer disposal outlet that keeps customers returning to your pharmacy in addition to driving new business. This simple solution to prescription drug disposal is cost-effective and differentiates your pharmacy from others by providing a community service as well as a solution desired by the public.

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