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Stericycle began in 1989, and has become a leading provider of regulated medical waste management services in North America, the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Japan. As medical waste regulations were adopted to protect the public, we saw the opportunity to manage medical waste for a wide variety of healthcare customers far more efficiently than they could on their own – and in compliance with local regulations. Moreover, we developed a patented treatment process that is safe, clean and reduces the volume of medical waste in landfills. Stericycle’s core purpose is to help customers fulfill their promise by providing solutions that protect people and brands, promote health and safeguard the environment.

CsRx Waste Compliance Service

For most hospitals, capturing controlled substance’ waste is a challenging process that poses a high risk of diversion if not done properly. Pharmacy Directors and other health facility professionals are now responsible for ensuring that leftover or unused drugs and drug waste are not taken or used by anyone other than the intended patient. This has become increasingly difficult due to the easy access and the inventive ways some abusers have found to obtain controlled substances for personal use.

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, approximately 15% of health care professionals struggle with drug dependence at some point in their careers. Workers who abuse controlled substances while at the hospital will have impaired judgement and skills, further increasing the risk that their actions could have an adverse effect on patients.

We have developed a Controlled Substance Waste program, the CsRx System, for hospitals to enhance their existing security procedures to safely dispose of controlled substance in a safe and efficient manner and help prevent diversion.

Denature & Deterrent

Each Stericycle CsRx container will contain a pre-loaded deactivating agent-deterrent, which will require water be added to activate. Once the deactivating agent-deterrent has been activated, the containers are ready for use. The deactivating agent permanently alters the substance’s chemical condition rendering the substance unavailable and unusable; including pills, patches, tablets and IV solutions. The deactivating agent also works as a precautionary measure deterring the improbable occurrence of someone attempting to ingest the liquid.


The CsRx System includes a pre-paid shipping box for final disposal of full containers. The closing security measure includes a fast-acting solidifier for each container to solidify the liquid prior to shipment. All controlled substance waste will be incinerated at a permitted Stericycle facility.

CsRx Full Service System Offering:

-Provides staff training

-Relieves staff from monitoring and exchanging containers

-Independent company help to ensure hospital compliance with current and future regulations

-Keeps controlled substance from entering water system

-Built in security to ensure low potential for diversion

-Flat-monthly fee

Summary of Benefits

Disposing of controlled-substance waste can be problematic for both consumers and the healthcare industry. It must be performed in a manner that prevents diversion of controlled substances and meets DEA regulations.

The DEA regulations can be confusing and if controlled-substances disposal is not handled correctly, the risk of fines and other DEA corrective action can come into play. Stericycle now has safe and secure methods for hospitals to securely dispose of controlled-substance waste in a compliant manner.

The system is built on three key components: a deactivating and deterring agent, a secure container with wall brackets, and a method for safely disposing of the waste.

Stericycle CsRx controlled-substance waste diversion prevention service can help you safely and securely dispose of controlled-substance waste. We’ve made it simple, safer and more cost effective than any other option available.

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