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SuiteRx is a pharmacy software vendor addressing the needs and challenges presented in the independent pharmacy market. Developed by pharmacists, our IPS program enables independent and small chain pharmacies to use state of the art technology to better meet the needs of their customers and increase speed and accuracy in the pharmacy. With retail, long term care, and combo platforms of the software, along with advanced compounding and specialty pharmacy workflow options, IPS is a comprehensive solution that will fit any pharmacy environment. SuiteRx IPS integrates prescription synchronization, adherence reporting, document and delivery management, POS, inventory management (including 340B), and web portal capabilities into one seamless application.

Retail Version

Utilizing these features our clients estimate that IPS has saved them thousands of dollars and countless staff hours each year:

-Inventory Management

-Prescription Refill Due

-Document Management

-Delivery Module

-Language Module

-Compounding Module

-Specialty Web Portal

-Adherence Reporting

-Medication Synchronization

-Automatic Refill

Additional Benefits Include:

-Automate Prior Authorization Forms – IPS automatically populates prior authorization forms with patient demographic and prescription information.

-Facilitate Doctor Calls – IPS is designed to help you significantly reduce the time spent on the phone. With IPS, you can track the status of all doctor calls right from your computer. In addition, the system automatically faxes refill requests to doctors.

-Completely Integrated Fax Server – IPS receives faxes electronically so they can be viewed and processed without ever printing a paper copy. Your pharmacy can generate, edit, send and resend faxes online, and faxes can easily be linked to patients or to specific prescriptions. Approved refills can be directly entered into the prescription filling process from the Inbox.


Specialty pharmacy can be a complex avenue to navigate; SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software is designed to help simplify your specialty workflow from dispensing and distribution through reimbursement.

SuiteRx IPS Specialty Features Include:

1. Specialty Workflow Screen

2. Letter Generation Module

3. Data Management, Analytics and Reporting

4. Document Management

5. Inventory Management

6. Text/ Email Rx Status Alerts to Doctor

7. Asembia1 Interface


Take your Retail or Long Term Care pharmacy to the next level by offering Compounding—SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) can manage your compounding preparations with a full workflow and even keep track of your batches and existing stock balances.

SuiteRx IPS Compounding Features Include:

1. Balance integration (Ohaus and Sartorius)

2. Customized ingredient and batch labels

3. Inventory by lot number

4. NDC verification

5. Batch within batch inventory

6. Compliance reporting

Institutional Pharmacy

The Institutional Version of IPS is a comprehensive solution to the unique needs of a Long Term Care Pharmacy.

-Rx Web Portal – Allow facilities and doctors to request refills and print MARs online; enhance communication between facilities, pharmacists, physicians and families.

-Paperless Faxing – Electronically send, receive, and edit faxes. Link faxes to specific patients and prescriptions.

-Cycle Fill – With one click of the mouse, automatically fill and bill groups of patients on a set schedule (i.e., monthly, weekly)

-Delivery Module – Track deliveries and signatures with integrated hand held PC's.

-Inventory Tracking – IPS with monitor pill inventories in real time and send electronic PO's when drugs reach their specified reorder levels.

-Custom MARs

Additional Benefits Include:

Bill Unlimited Prescriptions at a Time Based On:

-Days Supply

-Quantity Billed

-Pills Remaining in Bottle

Detailed and Customized Facility Reporting For:

-Order status

-Profiles of patients with medication changes, etc.

-Drug classification, group, etc.

Industry Best Interfaces:

-Surescripts Certified

-Prescribers Connection


-Multiple EMAR and Automation Vendors

For More Information Contact SuiteRx:

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Call: 916-242-8779 Ext 4








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