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Looking for a Way to Manage Clinical Programs, Improve Adherence, and Boost Your Bottom Line? [VIDEO]

Integrated Clinical Programs for Better Patient and Pharmacy Health

"How Can I...Build Clinical Programs to Keep my Patients Healthy?"

Looking for a way to manage clinical programs, improve adherence, and boost your bottom line? McKesson’s Clinical Programs Solution™ (CPS) can help. 

CPS is a powerful tool to help you save time and labor costs by automatically synchronizing clinical programs with your pharmacy management system. It gives you the power to add or build customized programs that can help you drive patient adherence, increase reimbursements and promote healthy outcomes. 

Empowering pharmacists to be more actively involved in patient care.

You have questions…we have answers.

Find out more at:

McKesson Pharmacy Systems • • 1.866.682.8942

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