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Americorp Financial

What if… you could acquire the latest technology without breaking your budget?

Americorp Financial is there to help you with customizable, budget-friendly financing solutions, so you can start using your equipment to improve processes and generate revenue for your pharmacy.

You Choose Vendor, Negotiate Price, & We’ll Handle the Rest
We build flexible and affordable programs from your selected manufacturer(s). You choose your vendor, your equipment, software and additional products or services (training, installation, maintenance, etc.) to be financed.

Some popular financing programs include, but not limited to:

-Capital & Operating Leases
Fixed monthly payments with an end of lease purchase option ($1 Buyout, Fair Market Value); Could qualify for Section 179 tax deductions.

-Deferred Payment
We develop a program with no payments for up to 6 months, so you start using the equipment to generate revenue before a payment is due.

-Finance Additional Costs
Combine your equipment, installation, maintenance, training, and other qualified installation costs into one monthly payment – instead of having separate invoices for each service.

-Finance Advance Deposits
Vendor requiring advance deposits can be financed for qualified customers and combined into your monthly payments.

-Your Solution
Not sure how financing can help you? Our experienced professionals will develop options that align with your pharmacy’s budget and future strategy.

Why Choose Americorp Financial
Americorp Financial understands your challenges. For more than 30 years, Americorp has collaborated with independent and long-term care pharmacies nationwide to develop customizable financing solutions driven by each pharmacy’s specific situation.

Every pharmacy’s needs are not the same – Americorp Financial will customize a financing solution for your pharmacy. Contact us today by calling Teresa Loeffler at 800-233-1574 or email us at to learn more and get started.

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