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Liberty Software

Have you outgrown your pharmacy system?
That's what many community pharmacies are asking themselves as they experience "growing pains". While your pharmacy staff fights insurance claims, error messages, uncooperative doctor's offices, and a computer system that seems slower than it used to, your customers still expect the same fast service they have always received from you. Many pharmacies are realizing that their computer system cannot keep up with their growing business. What is the answer to their problems? Many pharmacies have found a solution with the RXQ™ Pharmacy Management Software.

RXQ Features:
-Prescription Processing – Fast and simple prescription filling.
-Insurance Adjudication – RXQ gives you the tools to help cope with third-party claims.
-Work Flow – Fully integrated into RXQ allows fast refilling, e-prescribing, tech and pharmacists verifications, doctor call list, deliveries, bins, owes, and customizable tasks.
-BZQ Point-of-sale, enables you to track sales, front-end inventory, signature capture, process credit, debit, and FSA cards. BZQ is IIAS Complaint and PCI Compliant.
-Integrated Facts & Comparisons®
-CoverMyMeds® Prior Authorization
-Inventory Control - Monitor stock levels, generate purchase orders, and keep costs under control. You can review drug usage to help make stock decisions.
-Accounts Receivable - Prescriptions can be auto-charged directly from the prescription screen or through our integrated point-of-sale lane.
-Extensive Reporting - RXQ's Data View and User customizable reporting gives you the information you need, when you need it.
-NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 ready for ePrescribing.

Here at Liberty, we believe that RXQ is a next-generation pharmacy management system. It's not just about technology, although RXQ is built on Microsoft's new technology platform. It's not just the feature list. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately. Pharmacists who switch to often tell us RXQ is the easiest system they have ever used.

“RXQ is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use system that I have worked on, and other pharmacists that use RXQ tell me the same” -James Kelley, Kelley Drug
“There is one word that separates Liberty Software from all others – SERVICE! I have come to know, respect and appreciate their entire staff. The pharmacy system and support is the best available. If you are wanting a system and service that is unmatched you will not find a better company” -Lindsey Walker, Owner, Walker Pharmacy

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