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One Partner, Endless Opportunities: Drive performance and revenue with unique adherence solutions

In today’s pharmacy industry, it is more important than ever to find one trusted partner to help you develop and grow your adherence program. One partner, with solutions at all price points and the expertise to help you navigate challenges. This partner should support you in initiatives such as building an effective marketing plan, raising performance to lower DIR fees, and servicing any type of patient in your community.

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company offers an array of products and services that support and guide your pharmacy. With one partner, you can begin, grow, and expand your adherence program to generate endless opportunities for success.

motNext—Software for the Next Generation:

motNext is a patient management software designed to enhance patient adherence, improve staff efficiency, and streamline your adherence program. It allows you to manage any patient regimen and multiple package types. The Adherence Calendar allows you to schedule your workload, be proactive with your problem prescriptions, and manage your patients electronically. Over 40 reports and charting forms allow you to enhance patient services.

motNext is the key to simplifying, growing, and taking control of your business.

MOT Complete- Any Patient, Any Regimen, Any Time:

Powered by motNext, the MOT Complete system can do it all. Color coded by dose time with removable dose cups, this intuitive package is proven to increase adherence for the patient and improve performance for the pharmacy.

It’s a marketable solution designed for any type of patient with any regimen. The smart size dose cups reduce the number of packages per dose time resulting in an easy-to-follow system for the patient.

Corresponding reports and charting forms further enhance this service.

If you’re looking for an adherence program with the most versatility, MOT Complete is the solution for you.

CircuPack - Round out your adherence offerings:

Powered by motNext, this unique market differentiator is easy and accurate to fill in the pharmacy, and straightforward and simple for the patient.

The pharmacy uses a small tabletop device and barcode technology to accurately fill the compliance card.

The patient leaves the pharmacy with their medications organized by dose, and a smart phone reminder app to alert them at each dose time.

This new end-to-end adherence solution is unlike anything the U.S. market has seen. Contact Medicine-On-Time today and be one of the first to offer it in your community

Expanding Line of Multi-dose and Single Dose Packaging Options

With pharmacy becoming a service driven industry, every pharmacy has their own unique approach to starting and growing their adherence program. Medicine-On-Time now offers an expanding line of multidose and single dose compliance package options with low start-up costs. Regardless of where you are in your adherence journey, your market, or what services you need to provide, we have products to fit your needs.

-Versatility: Our Single Dose products come in heat seal and pressure-sensitive options. Multiple dose options are available and blister sizes come in small, medium and large options. Customization is also available on large quantity orders.

-Superior Quality: Medicine-On-Time knows the importance of superior quality materials when it comes to packaging products in your pharmacy. We make our cards and blisters in-house at our Tampa, FL manufacturing facility, not outsourced to a third party, and they’re created under the supervision of industry experts. We know the pharmacy landscape is changing, to ensure you have the exact product you need, modifications may have to be made to packages. Our Sales and Production teams work with you to create a product that suits your needs and budget. Ask about Single Dose at Medicine-On-Time today.

Our Services:

-Full-Service Marketing Support: Our dedicated team of marketing experts will work with your pharmacy to develop a plan to promote your pharmacy in your community and expand your reach.

Customer Support: Our live team of certified pharmacy technicians and IT professionals assist your staff with ongoing training, workflow troubleshooting and software issues with little to no downtime.

Proven Results—Our Study:

Medication Adherence in your patients not only improves their quality of life, it improves the health of your pharmacy. A poorly performing pharmacy is subject to higher DIR fees and overall lost revenue.

We know the impact Medicine-On-Time packaging can have on your lowest performing patients. In a recent study, pharmacies saw Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) scores in their lowest performing patients raise by an average of 30.2%*.


For more information on Medicine-On-Time, our services and products, call 800-722-8824 or visit us on the web:

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