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117 Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technician Jobs | Rx relief

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (CPhTs), join one of the nation’s leading pharmacist placement firms! Flexibility is a deciding factor to many relief pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. That is why Rx relief has come up with the most flexible schedules in the staffing industry. Many of our pharmacists and techs prefer part-time, year-round or seasonal full-time work because that better fits the needs and lifestyles of you, our key employees. Whatever approach you may choose, Rx relief can become your most trusted career partner.

If you want control, flexibility and assignments you enjoy, you want Rx relief. Pharmacists at Rx relief enjoy guaranteed hours, and we are the only staffing firm in the country to do that. Control over challenging assignments with respected firms, guaranteed hours with competitive pay and benefits, flexible and no-hassle scheduling in a variety of settings, professional development & cross-training programs, no fees, PRO-PAY - the professional payroll program with state-of-the-art verifications and direct deposit plus a pharmacist relocation program.

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