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Liquid Unit Dose Cups Are Now Available From AHP [Video]

Company Background 

Located in Columbus, Ohio, American Health Packaging is a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen. Our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and fully adheres to cGMP. American Health Packaging is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to package Schedule II to IV controlled substances. Known widely for its success and leadership in unit dose, AHP has vast packaging capabilities including blistering, bottling, carding, kitting, and more. 

Product Overview 

With nearly 550 unit dose SKUs in the marketplace, customers are very well aware of AHP’s commitment to bedside scanning and patient safety. For some time, providers have asked AHP to deliver a line of unit dose liquid cups with the same safety standards and accurate barcodes they are accustomed to from AHP’s oral solids products. We listened. After many conversations with key customers to understand their exact needs, Liquid Unit Dose cups are now available to be ordered from American Health Packaging through partner wholesalers and GPOs. 

Benefits for Health Systems 

Waste Avoidance 

Over and over again, customers spoke to the need for high standards of quality of packaging materials. When cups buckle or lids tear unexpectedly, costly waste results and clean-up time is required. We know that staff time is precious in the pharmacy. Therefore, we went to great lengths to source high-quality materials and diligently test the lid seal to ensure excellent adherence. 

Space and Storage 

Space is another premium in a hospital pharmacy. Therefore, our cups come in three sizes in order to avoid waste in pharmacy cabinets. In addition, trays come in two sizes to also avoid wasted storage space on the pharmacy shelf. 


 It is imperative that barcodes be both accurate and easily scannable. AHP has built its business around superior blister quality and barcodes. The same relentless eye to accuracy can be found in our new Liquid Unit Dose cup barcodes. They feature a linear barcode format, as well as a lid with human-readable lot and expiration dates. 


As always, cost is a concern for health systems — especially as budgets come under more scrutiny. We know our customers must answer to pharmacy costs daily. AHP strives to always ensure costcompetitiveness with all of our products. 

A Story in Every Dose 

Our motto at AHP is that there is a “Story in Every Dose.” We are reminded daily that for every dose we produce, there is a patient depending on us to deliver accuracy in our barcodes and correctness in packaging. Healthcare providers also depend on us to “get it right.” With the many patient care duties being juggled, product safety should be a given. We work every day to deliver just that. 

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