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Pharmacy 4.0 From ARxIUM - The Next Evolution of Pharmacy is Here [Video]

Company Background 

ARxIUM provides customers in all pharmacy environments with proven solutions for improving patient safety, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing operating costs. We are committed to delivering unmatched quality, delivering innovative pharmacy value chain solutions, and making it easy for our customers and partners to do business with us. Our goal is to be known globally as the company that revolutionized the pharmacy value chain by optimizing resources, minimizing costs, and eliminating non-value added processes. We also want to be known as the creator of Pharmacy 4.0. with installations and partnerships around the world, ARxIUM has a global presence with international headquarters in Canada and the United States. 

Product Overview 

Pharmacy 4.0 is a vision and a concept, not a product. It is an approach to addressing the changing trends in pharmacy and the challenges those trends present. At ARxIUM, we believe that from its inception, pharmacy has been evolving to accommodate rising medication demands, increased safety awareness, greater needs for efficiency, and demands of regulatory agencies. The first evolution of pharmacy was moving to a clinical role, where pharmacy became a more significant part of the patient care cycle. The second evolution was central production, where economies of scale, quality assurance, and reactive planning were prevalent. Finally, the third evolution was the introduction of automation for increased quality control, demand-based planning, and to free-up more resources for clinical activities. Throughout these evolutions, pharmacy has been asked more and more to reduce delivery time, staff time, errors, and cost. In response to these challenges, pharmacies are centralizing, consolidating, and making more manufacturing and industry-like advances to further evolve. "The question is what will the next evolution look like?" The state of pharmacy today drove ARxIUM to look at how industry has evolved to see if there was anything we could glean that would help pharmacy address these challenges. What we found is that industry has evolved in much the same way, converging on automation to meet rising demands for quality, output, efficiency, etc. However, industry has taken it a step further. They are now finding ways to connect all these pieces to achieve true interoperability and data-driven decision making across the entire system, whether manual or automated. They call it Industry 4.0 … the 4th evolution of industry. Pharmacy is not there ... yet. We believe if we apply the same concepts that industry has applied in their fourth evolution, we will yield the same benefits: smarter decision making, higher output and quality, lower costs, less waste, better use of resources, and flexible production. This is what inspired us to develop our Pharmacy 4.0 vision, utilizing our unique blend of pharmacy and manufacturing experience, as well as the interoperable foundation of our solutions to lead pharmacy partners through this next evolution. 

Our Core Solutions 

OptiFill™: Custom-designed for virtually any market, including mail order, central fill, government, specialty, corrections, hospitals, and more. OptiFill can manage every aspect of your physical fulfillment process, from host system handoff to order delivery. But more than that, it employs advanced validation and digital imaging processes that help ensure every patient receives the right medication, at the right time — every time. So whether you want to process 1,000 or 100,000 prescriptions per day, ARxIUM can design a custom solution for you.  

RIVA™: A fully automated IV compounding system used by hospital pharmacies to automatically and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags. By automating the preparation of IV syringes and bags, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patient and the pharmacy technician, efficiency and effectiveness in the pharmacy and the challenges of a changing regulatory environment. Whether your main focus is to improve the safety of IV admixtures, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmacy operations, or meet regulatory compliance, RIVA addresses your unique concerns and challenges. 

RxWorks™ Pro: RxWorks Pro software allows the health system pharmacy to implement a system of integrated tools to manage the business of the pharmacy and automate inventory and workflow functions. Whether the pharmacy uses a primary supplier or many suppliers, RxWorks Pro helps automate the purchasing, receiving, and invoicing processes to maintain accurate, real-time inventory and help buyers make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Markets Served 

Hospitals – Inpatient and Outpatient; Central Processing and Mail Order; Specialty Pharmacy; Long-Term Care; Retail – Independent and Chain.

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