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Inject-Safe bandages for immunizations (a pharmacy student's perspective)

As an MCPHS University 6th year pharmacy student on my APPE rotation at RXinsider, I have been exposed to many unique and innovative products/technologies. One product I find particularly interesting is the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage. The RXinsider team brought back a few samples of this bandage from the AACP meeting in Chicago which sparked my interest. I decided to research this product deeper so that I could share the information with fellow APPE pharmacy students.

The Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage is a unique bandage which is designed specifically for injections. This bandage aims to improve safety for both healthcare providers and their patients. The most innovative function of this bandage seems to be the self-sealing membrane. This unique membrane has the ability to contain any bleeding or excess fluid leakage post-injection. The company has demonstrated this in a video where they injected a balloon which did not pop!

Another advantage of this Barrier Bandage system is the elimination of returning to the injection site post-injection. Avoidance of returning to the injection site greatly decreases the risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission between patients and providers. In addition, this bandage is applied prior to injection. This pre-injection application allows the provider the freedom to use both hands when disposing of the needle post-injection, avoiding potential needle sticks. Not only does this product improve safety but it also expedites the process of injections by eliminating additional steps such as cotton ball swabbing and rubber glove use.

This could be a vastly beneficial product for providers. However, the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage is also favored by patients as they claim that this bandage delivers a less painful injection. As an aspiring pharmacist, I find this product appealing. I believe the Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages have the potential to be an excellent product and I would love to incorporate them into my future practice as a pharmacist.

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