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Medication Adherence Solutions From Medicine-On-Time

Company Background 

Medicine-On-Time is a leader in the medication adherence market, pioneering innovations in medication synchronization, industry leading multi-dose pharmaceutical packaging software, color coded calendar cards for compliance packaging, and more. Our turn-key solution and expertise in multi-dose medication adherence provide added confidence for our pharmacy customers and their patients. At the heart of our products is a deep passion for bringing peace of mind to patients, pharmacies, and physicians. Our system not only provides adherence solutions for users across the board but independence for those who just need a little extra help with their health. With more than 250 million prescriptions filled across the U.S., Medicine-On-Time is committed to improving patient quality-of-life through safe, accurate solutions to medication management. 

Product Overview 

Medicine-On-Time simplifies complex medication regimes with proven, scalable medication management solutions. This not only enhances patient outcomes, but allows caregivers to focus their efforts on providing the highest level of care that their loved ones deserve. We make it easy with our complete turn-key system, allowing pharmacists to grow their business and reach more patients in need. Our complete system includes a comprehensive workstation, robust software, compliance packaging, and a network of support mechanisms. 

1. Comprehensive Workstation Design: All-inclusive workstation houses a complete set of components to simplify medication management. 

2. Integrated Software: Robust workflow software seamlessly integrates into top pharmacy management systems. 

3. Compliance Packaging: Air-tight, Class B compliance packaging provides a safe and accurate medication delivery. 

4. Marketing Support: A full suite of marketing materials tailored to MOT customers for use in their pharmacies, facilities, physician offices, and beyond. 

5. Customer Support: A dedicated team of software and development specialists available for training, system enhancements, troubleshooting, and more. 

Adding Automation to Your Workflow 

Implementing the Medicine-On-Time adherence solution into your pharmacy’s services is the first step to providing quality patient care. Now how can you take your business to the next level? Consider automation to expand your pharmacy’s business without compromising staff time and patient care! Increase the quality of patient care, workflow efficiency, and revenue with Medicine-On-Time and automation solutions. Contact us today to get started! In addition to Medicine-On-Time’s traditional multi-dose adherence solution, Medicine-On-Time is proud to introduce single dose solutions for medication management. Used alone or in conjunction with multiple medication dispensing systems, the Medicine-On-Time single dose medication card can help improve patient care and ensure confidence for pharmacists, facilities, and caregivers, as well as home-based patients with specific disease state and chronic conditions. 


“Pharmacies and facilities gain confidence with the Medicine-On-Time solution because they know patients will take their medications as prescribed during the first 30 days of discharge. This helps improve health conditions, reduces admissions rates, and increases a facility’s or pharmacy’s Medicare Star Ratings.” — Erik P. Johnson & Richard K. Ploude, Anawan Pharmacy 

“MOT gives a unique opportunity to connect with facilities due to the accuracy and efficiency. Automation put us in a place where we were comfortable to take on more business without doubling our staff.” — Melissa Gilkison, Auburn Pharmacy 

“Everyone is very accommodating and reachable. Invest in your people and allow them to really learn the system. When they need help, use the MOT Customer Support team to your advantage. They are your first-line of attack and available if you need them.” — Hitesh Patel, Rapps Pharmacy 

Trade Show/Meetings Attended 

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS); Northeast Pharmacy Service Corporation (NPSC); PioneerRX; McKesson ideaShare; AmerisourceBergen Thoughtspot; National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) 

GPO Affiliations 

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP); Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative (CPA); Northeast Pharmacy Service Corporation (NPSC); PBA Health; Western States Pharmacy Coalition (WSPC) 

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