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Integra® and FlowWright: A Winning Combination

Integra® and FlowWright: A Winning Combination

(Anacortes, WA – July 22, 2019) Integra and FlowWright have raised the bar to push the limits of the high-performance engine used in Logix 3.1 to provide highly customizable automation processes for DocuTrack. The features within FlowWright help to visually design a series of tasks to automate processes for pharmacy staff.

“Pharmacy staff can use Logix to streamline existing workflows, enhance productivity, and interact directly with staff when clinical decisions are required before continuing its automation,” said Louie Foster, Integra’s Director of Ancillary Products. “The enhanced power and flexibility of FlowWright allows it to mold its processes to the pharmacy’s routine rather than forcing the pharmacy to change its processes to make it work.”

These two software powerhouses working together help visually automate the prescription process from receipt of the script through fulfillment and delivery. “This partnership helps deliver massive improvement in efficiency and accuracy,” said FlowWright CEO Harold Engstrom. “The interface provides audit trails and connects to commonly used business software applications. It also offers an aesthetically appeasing experience through its graphical interface.”

Logix and FlowWright combined can help LTC businesses improve efficiencies and clearly map complex steps and automate processes from start to completion. Logix teamed up with FlowWright because of its sophisticated capabilities paired with both an intuitive interface design and outstanding support. Together they continue to improve the capabilities of pharmacy automation.

About Integra

Integra designs software tailored exclusively to help pharmacists offer world-class care that improves patient outcomes and lifestyles. Integra offers PrimeCare, the state-of-the-art pharmacy operation system for long-term care pharmacy operations, DocuTrack®, WebConnect®, DeliveryTrack®, Logix®, and Mevesi®. Integra is the premier partner in the long-term care, institutional, and closed-door pharmacy marketplace. Integra is part of Smith Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation, one of the largest privately-held companies in South Carolina. For additional information about Integra and the products and services it provides, visit or call 866.257.4279.

About FlowWright

FlowWright provides the leading premium graphical workflow and business process automation software to companies around the world. Automotive, Banking, Compliance, Finance, Law, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Processing, Retail and other industries depend on FlowWright. FlowWright PM is the next generation project management application that leverages the core capabilities of FlowWright to ensure efficiency and success where project complexity and risk may impact corporate success (IT project, shutdowns, compliance projects, fast-paced capital projects.) FlowWright's workflow products are used daily by leading companies to improve planning and execution of day to day tasks for teams. Discover powerful workflow automation and project management. For more information, visit

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