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Meet Euclid Medical Products - Liquid Dose Packaging Made Efficient

Manual packaging of liquid unit doses is time consuming and labor-intensive. If your pharmacy is looking for a way to cut costs and increase efficiency, upgrading your liquid dose packaging is a great place to start.

Euclid Medical Products tabletop Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is a small, semi-automatic packing machine. The machine can produce up to 450 cups per hour sealed with Class A closures, which safely contains each dose with a year-long shelf life, as opposed to six months with traditional syringes. The device’s built-in thermostat ensures a precise sealing range and an automatic actuator creates consistent, tamper-evident seals. The process is less expensive than syringes, provides a higher volume of storage in automated dispensing cabinets, and packages medications 30% faster than with manual syringes.


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