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Wingate University School of Pharmacy would like to congratulare Thao Nguyen, 2018 IPPE Preceptor of the Year!



Wingate University School of Pharmacy is proud to recognize Dr. Thao Nguyen as our student-selected 2018 IPPE Preceptor of the Year. Dr. Nguyen is a pharmacist with Harris Teeter Pharmacy in Matthews, NC and has precepted WUSOP students for eight years. Dr. Nguyen is highly regarded for providing exemplary patient care and creating a nurturing learning environment for students. Her desire to invest in the next generation of pharmacists is evident in consistent provision of availability for all rotation blocks and development of a challenging and inspiring pharmacy practice experience.

When describing her rotation experience with Dr. Nguyen, one student recently wrote these kind words:

 “ Dr. Nguyen became a preceptor to pay it forward. When she was in pharmacy school, she had preceptors who demonstrated what being a great pharmacist meant. These experiences have influenced her in her career and I can truly say that she embodies the kind of pharmacist that I hope to one day become. She was understanding in making sure that I learned at a comfortable pace, but she also had great expectations of me. Prior to my rotation, I had a firm set of beliefs of what community pharmacy was, but I honestly have to say that my perception has completely changed because I had such a great experience at my rotation site. This experience showed me the possibilities of a nurturing work environment that enables a pharmacist to perform at a peak level.” 

If you are a pharmacist interested in becoming a Wingate University preceptor and would like information, please contact:

Wesley Haltom, PharmD - APPE Director 704-233-8343 |

Lisa Dinkins, PharmD - IPPE Director 704-233-8348 |

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