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Harding University College of Pharmacy would like to congratulate Dr. Eric Shoffner, 2018 Preceptor of the Year!



Harding University College of Pharmacy, located in Searcy, Arkansas, is proud to announce Dr. Eric Shoffner as our inaugural Preceptor of the Year. Dr. Shoffner has been associated with the college since its inception, serving on the Board of Visitors for the Dean and precepting both IPPE and APPE students since 2011. Dr. Shoffner has past experience in high volume chain pharmacy and now owns two independent pharmacies. His students state they are challenged professionally, personally, and spiritually.

“What stood out most to me about Dr. Shoffner is his transparency and the desire to make my APPE experience about more than just pharmacy. I felt comfortable asking him questions about pharmacy practice, real world work experience, and life. He was very honest about his personal successes and struggles. It is obvious that he truly cares for his students and genuinely enjoys precepting.” — Bryana Gregory, Class of 2018

“Dr. Shoffner is an excellent, well rounded individual as well as a pharmacist. He gives me so much confidence and has restored my dreams of owning an Independent Pharmacy.” — Schrell Crockett, Class of 2018 Thank you to all 

Thank you to all of our preceptors!

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