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The Student's Corner: CVS HealthHUB

APPE Pharmacy Student

As an MCPHS University 6th year pharmacy student on my APPE rotation at RXinsider, one of my weekly tasks is to create and present a powerpoint presentation to the RXinsider staff. Generally, these presentations are more focused on innovation within the pharmacy world rather than clinical topics. One presentation I created addressed the new CVS HealthHUB concept, which I found very interesting and wish to share with my fellow APPE students.

Essentially this “HealthHUB” concept is derived from the merger between CVS and Aetna, an insurance provider, in light of the ever-growing need for complete healthcare. The new HealthHUB’s are located within CVS stores and will offer a variety of additional services, products, and professional advice/coaching. CVS plans to achieve this with the incorporation of new technology as well as the addition of specialized medical professionals such as a respiratory therapist and dieticians. Dieticians will host health classes and nutritional seminars within the “Wellness rooms” while the respiratory therapist will be available to assess patients for sleep apnea and fit them for proper CPAP equipment.  CVS also plans to introduce new products such as durable medical equipment  (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.) as well as vegan and organic food alternatives. 

In addition to these new products and services, the HealthHUB will be orientated as a point of customer contact. A full time “Care Concierge” will be available to assist customers adaptation to the new design and help find new products. There will also be learning tables equip with iPads which will enable patients to browse through health apps and even shop online at New technology such as “On-Demand Health Kiosk” will be available for patients to keep track of their blood pressure, weight, and BMI. These HealthHUB’s will also provide private consultation rooms for patients who wish to speak with their healthcare professionals in private.   

As someone who has worked for CVS in the past, it is obvious that the pharmacy staff often does not have adequate time or personnel to ensure a full circle healthcare plan for each patient. It is to my delight that CVS has come up with this all-inclusive HealthHUB which will address the various needs of our patients from start to finish. I truly see this as being the future of pharmacy in the retail setting and I am excited to see this new concept come to life. CVS is currently piloting 4 locations in Texas with the hopes of establishing 1500 HealthHUB locations throughout the United States by 2021. Having already mounted positive customer feedback, I do believe this is just the beginning of a new approach to complete patient healthcare in the retail pharmacy setting. 

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