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Temptime - Complete Specialty Pharmacy Monitoring Solutions for End-to-End Insights [Video]


Company Background 

Founded in 1987, Temptime scientists developed the first miniaturized technology to monitor time-temperature exposure of vials containing the oral polio vaccine. For nearly 30 years, our temperature monitoring devices have helped healthcare workers deliver billions of doses of vaccine to immunize millions of children around the world and extend care globally. Our commitment to public health is reflected in our dedication to being on the leading edge of understanding pharmacy needs, and bringing new and patient-centric temperature monitoring solutions both to the pharmacy operation and into the patient’s home. We partner with small, medium, and large national specialty pharmacies in mail order, retail, and hospitals to control escalating specialty drug costs by reducing returns and reships. Our wireless electronic monitoring solutions are allowing pharmacies to monitor storage facilities, meet the requirements for accreditation and emerging state regulations, and protect valuable medication inventory. 

Product Overview 

The EDGE™ family of sensors and software provide wireless temperature tracking, mobile connectivity, and data-sharing for temperature-sensitive products such as drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices. For use in production, storage, and shipment, EDGE devices log and retrieve data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold equipment, and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity. EDGE wireless sensors feature: 

• Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity. 

• LoRaWAN™ technology for long-distance wireless applications. 

• Smartphone or mobile device setup, remote monitoring, and tracking with the free EDGEVue™ mobile and web applications. 

• Cloud data-sharing and storage with EDGECloud™ services. 

EDGE M-300 Mobile Temperature Sensors 

Temptime’s EDGE M-300 makes it easy for pharmacies to conduct accurate Performance Qualification (PQ) testing of an insulated shipper. EDGE M-300 is a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled mobile temperature sensor that can be placed in the package and will capture and transmit temperature data throughout transportation and storage. The M-300 can be monitored from a smartphone or tablet with the free, easy-to-use EDGEVue™ mobile app, giving users access to all the information they need without opening the package. This data is easily uploaded to EDGECloud™ for data sharing and can be exported or downloaded for reporting. This helps pharmacies store data and generate critical accreditation and regulatory reports. 

EDGE W-200 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors 

Pharmacists are taking on an ever-growing responsibility of assuring that highly valued, temperature sensitive medications are received by the patient per the manufacturer’s temperature specifications. In a growing number of states, the requirements of the state board of pharmacy are also generating a need for effective monitoring and reporting tools. The EDGE suite of products help address these various needs by allowing pharmacies to remotely monitor pharmacy facilities 24/7. The EDGE W-200 sensor (with LoRaWAN™ technology) and EDGEConnect™ are innovative solutions that make facility monitoring simple. With EDGEConnect, the W-200 modules can be configured, managed, and monitored. The wireless sensor modules automatically collect data from integrated or connected sensors, and transmit the information to the cloud so it can be accessed remotely from anywhere. 

TransTracker Shipment Indicators 

TransTracker® temperature indicators are placed inside shipments of temperature-sensitive medications to monitor heat, freeze, or dual heat freeze exposures during shipping, providing an easy-to-read visual signal of these events. Pharmacies using TransTracker report significant cost savings due to reductions in customer service calls and expensive reships, and experience increased customer satisfaction. 

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