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Rx30 - Driving Patient Adherence and Revenue to Your Pharmacy [Video]


Company Background 

Transaction Data Systems (TDS) was founded in January 1977. It originally focused on high-end data communications software for the airline reservation industry and automated teller systems, but quickly found its calling in the pharmacy software dispensing market. In 1980, a local Florida pharmacy was looking to automate their daily processing activities … and Rx30 was born. For the past 38 years, Rx30 has been dedicated solely to the success of independent pharmacy. Today, TDS is home to both Rx30 and Computer-Rx Pharmacy Management platforms and proudly supports nearly 10,000 pharmacies that utilize our software for their prescription filling/management needs. We have become the unquestioned leader in independent pharmacy management software. 

Product Overview 

Introducing: A Game Changer 

Rx30 and Computer-Rx are pleased to announce our new Clinical Services Division, powered by Enhanced Medication Services! That’s right, we’ve built our own center, staffed by pharmacists and techs, utilizing our exclusive MTM analytics engine — Clinical360 — to prioritize your highest impacting DIR patients, adherence issues, MTM cases, and medication synchronization — and to negotiate contract services and more. We can work completely in the background, in coordination with you, or simply be there at your disposal to ensure that you are a top-performing pharmacy in your community! Welcome to the power that only Rx30 and Computer-Rx can bring your pharmacy — we are your successful path forward! 

The Vision, Size, and Strength You Need 

Rx30 and Computer-Rx now represent nearly 10,000 independent pharmacies, giving us the unequaled strength to level the playing field on your behalf. In this new environment of “Pay for Performance” you need a software vendor that has the strength, size, and scope to bring unique functionality and negotiating power to ensure your performance … it’s critical. 

The Rx30 Advantage 

1. NEW! Clinical Services Division, Powered by Enhanced Medication Services! The only vendor in the industry with the power to manage DIR fees, STAR ratings, medication synchronization, MTM, and more … for you. 

2. myRightMEDS: Patient genetic testing to understand which medications will produce the best outcomes, built right inside Rx30! Targeted medicine … and you are the community leader. 

3. Patient Custom Drug Packaging: Rx30’s exclusive agreement to provide custom packs for your patients on select medications. Simplifies filling, drives patient adherence. 

4. QR Code: Instant video patient education content and the ability to text your patient exactly when to take their medication. 

5. AdviseRx: Rx30 now compares your cost vs. reimbursement history to recommend the most profitable dispensing option. 

6. Virtual Pharmacist: Total automation of the refill process from a variety of Rx30 work queues. 

7. ReClaimRx: Updated AWP Claim resubmittal opportunities. 

8. Patient Assistance Program: Rx30 has integrated the ability to find and fill out the proper application forms from manufacturers on behalf of your patients in need. Your patients will know that you care about their well-being with this great service. 

9. Automated Prior Authorizations: Automatically finds the proper form and fills it out for your doctors. 

10. Automated Claim Reconciliation: Built into Rx30. Receive your EOB’s electronically and process in a single keystroke. 

11. Instant Doctor Lookup: NPI, DEA, and e-prescribing identification numbers all included. 

12. Time Sensitive Workflow Management: Your pharmacy workflow just got a lot smarter. Work on the things that are most pertinent … all the time. 

13. Medication Synchronization: Streamline prescription pick up dates for your patients … drive adherence. 

14. iPad Delivery Device: It’s modern, easy-to-read, easy-to-sign … and it’s integrated. 

15. Facts and Comparisons: Built into your Rx30 System. 

16. Multiple Rebate Program Opportunities: Participate in these … and you’ve likely just paid for the support of Rx30. 

17. ReportRx: Patient adherence, third party adherence, drug adherence, therapeutic adherence, adherence trending data, and so much more! 

18. Full Outbound Patient Communication: Email, texting, or calling. 

This gives you just a small taste of the time saving, revenue generating features that Rx30 provides! Please give us a call, and you’ll quickly learn why Rx30 is the fastest growing pharmacy management software company in the market today. 

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