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Medi-Dose ® / EPS ® Announces New IV Connector Products

Ivyland, PA, Summer 2019 – Pharmacies operate under a unique range of processes and procedures, many of which require special products to achieve the intended results. For example, our new IV Connector Products are specifically designed to facilitate the transfer (or mixing) of fluids between syringes and connecting various IV sets. These new Guarded Luer Connectors are used to join two luer lock syringes or other luer lock devices. Available in either Female to Female Luer Lock, or Female to Male Luer Lock configurations, they’re designed with large finger grips to provide secure manipulation and help protect against touch contamination.  The connectors’ bright coloring allows for quick identification, and they are individually packaged to facility aseptic technique.

“The proper delivery of medication is of paramount concern to patients and health care professionals”, said Bob Braverman, President of Medi-Dose/EPS. “Our new line of IV Connectors help pharmacists and all those involved with the safe handling of IV medication to address this concern.”

For more information on the Medi-Dose/EPS line of IV Additive Accessories, contact Robert Braverman or visit

ABOUT MEDI-DOSE, INC. / EPS, INC. – For over 45 years, Medi-Dose / EPS has been working with pharmacists and health care professionals to develop cost-effective solutions that promote medication safety and error prevention.

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