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Features and Benefits Offered by CleanMax® - All Cleanroom Disposables are not Created Equal

Lakeland Industries has spent over 30 years being an industry leader protecting people in the workplace and now we’ve extended our expertise to protect both your people and your cleanroom and/or controlled environment. CleanMax® is a high quality microporous laminate material that is lightweight and breathable but is impervious to liquids, harsh chemicals and microorganisms.

Both CleanMax® Clean Manufactured and CleanMax® Sterile meet IEST-RP-C003 Category I particulate cleanliness standards and are ready for immediate use in ISO Class 4 – 8 Cleanrooms. All sterile garments are gamma radiation sterilized to a level of 10⁶ SAL . These garments provide excellent comfort as well as protection, so you can easily don and doff your garments to reduce excursions and risk of contamination.

The Features and Benefits of CleanMax®

Cleanroom disposables are not created equal, take a closer look at the features and benefits offered by CleanMax®:

- Clean manufactured garments. Our garments are clean manufactured, which means they offer significantly less particle counts in contrast to garments that are not clean manufactured.

- All bound seams. CleanMax® garments feature bound seams, which are precisely sewn with an additional outer binding. This increases seam strength, provides a better barrier from breakthrough and protection from strikethrough than simple serged seams.

- Folded for easier donning. Our garments are folded to minimize excursions during donning and doffing; as a bonus it also prevents surface contamination on the garment.

- Less wrinkles, mean less excursions. Garments are individually packaged and expertly folded to prevent excessive wrinkling and the potential for increased excursions.

- Smooth surface area prevents particles from sticking. CleanMax® garments are smoother than other leading brands, which means particulates are less likely to linger on the garment surface.

- Smooth storm flap for added level of protection. There are very few disposable cleanroom garments have the added protection of a placket storm flap. Your employees will be better protected with less potential particulate breakthrough on the zipper of the gown.

- No pre-washing required. The clean manufacturing process we use means our garments are not required to undergo a laundry process, which can cause excessive wrinkling, creasing and can even compromise the integrity of the garment.

- Thumb loops. Elastic wrists with thumb loops help secure the coveralls and frocks in place to prevent the potential exposure of skin while worn during normal activities.

- Resistance to blood borne pathogens and more. CleanMax® offers resistance to blood and body fluid penetration, viral penetration and blood borne pathogens.

- Chemical penetration resistance. CleanMax® offers chemical penetration resistance to oils, bleach and 50 percent sodium hydroxide.

- Cuffed ankle allows for six inches of freedom. Expertly designed to reduce surface contamination during the donning process, the cuffed ankle provides six inches of freedom when you are stepping into the gown.

What garment features are you looking for in your cleanroom and/or controlled environment? We appreciate your feedback in the comments below!

Confidence in your cleanroom and/or controlled environment starts with understanding how to select the right disposable apparel for your unique needs.

Get started now with our FREE comprehensive guide. Covering everything you need to know about clean manufacturing and includes a quick selection guide to help you match the right garment for your your application and environment. It also includes a free bonus: free, printable aseptic and non-aseptic donning guides!

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