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No Cleanroom - No Problem

Aseptic Compounding made Safer, Simpler, More Cost Effective.

Introducing the MIC-EDU

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The MIC-EDU Single

- Executes automated decontamination technology using Vapor-phase Hydrogen Peroxide

- Defined as an Isolator per USP <797> that takes effect 12/1/2019

- Allows you to process Category 2 compounds outside of an ISO Class 7 room while maintaining longer Beyond Use Dating in an Environment 8 room

        - Lower air change requirements

        - Less stringent environmental air particle count requirements

        - No buffer room requirements

        - Less stringent garbing requirements

        - Less stringent semi-annual room certification requirements

- Significantly more cost-effective versus an ISO 7 Cleanroom buildout and operation

- Provides for an extraordinary sterility assurance level of a validated Log 5 decontamination reduction rate

- Current CTG / MIC clients can easily convert their current MIC Units to a MIC-EDU System

Contact Containment Technologies Group, Inc. for more information.

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