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Transaction Data Systems (Rx30/Computer-Rx) Pharmacy Software Solutions

Transaction Data Systems (Rx30/Computer-Rx) Pharmacy Software Solutions

Providing innovative, robust, and easy-to-use pharmacy management, point-of-sale, multi-site management, and business management solutions to community pharmacies across the United States.

Company Background

For more than four decades, TDS has been dedicated solely to the success of community pharmacy. Today, over half of all community pharmacies utilize our software for their prescription filling/management needs. With systems in all 50 states, ranging from Alaska to Hawaii and down to the Virgin Islands, TDS (Rx30/Computer-Rx) is the unquestioned leader in pharmacy management software. Unlike other pharmacy software companies, TDS focuses on the full daily business of running a pharmacy – everything from filling prescriptions and managing inventory to bringing you clinical opportunities to drive revenue, critical analytics for your business, management tools, and more.

Product Overview

-Computer-Rx is our Windows-based platform offering an easy-to-use interface and robust tools for pharmacy management, pharmacy point-of-sale, delivery, and centralized pharmacy management. The Computer-Rx platform is a one-size-fits-all solution, easily scalable to fit the demands of any independent pharmacy. Computer-Rx solutions offer dynamic reporting tools and easy claim reconciliation. Inventory management is made easy with EDI ordering and receiving through seamless integrations with all major wholesalers and dozens of regional wholesalers. Using Computer-Rx, patient care is taken to the next level with innovative, integrated clinical solutions available only to TDS pharmacies.

-Rx30 is our Linux-based software solution, providing a robust, easy-to-learn management platform, point-of-sale software, and central management solution. Rx30 solutions offer multiple applications available to pharmacies and their patients to make managing patient medication regimens easy and interactive. The Rx30 platform offers fully automated e-scripts, revenue opportunities through innovative clinical solutions, and 80+ integration partners. Whether your focus is an independent retail pharmacy, small retail chain pharmacy, nursing home, nursing home consulting, compounding, or IV processing, we have all the tools to make your job easier!

Features & Options

-TDS offers pharmacies a total pharmacy solution including robust pharmacy management software, integrated point-of-sale, centralized pharmacy management for multiple locations, mobile/delivery tools, patient applications, integrated communication tools, integrated clinical opportunities portal, retail business services, state-of-the-art claims reconciliation services, business management tools, credentialing, and more.

-Scalable Workflow

-Robust Business Tools

-In-Workflow Alerts

-Built-In and Integrated MTM

-Central Management

-Controlled Substance Patient Monitoring Program

-Automated, Off-Site Data Backup

-E-Fax and Text

-Cash Pricing Program

-Cyber Security and Breach Protection

-Patient-Focused Care

-Integrated Point-of-Sale

-One-Click PDMP Review

-eCare Plans

-Online Pharmacy Reporting Dashboard


-Patient Targeting and Clinical Tools

-340B Analytics

-Claim Reconciliation Services

-Marketing Tools and Applications

-Enhanced Medication Services (EMS) is an exclusive part of the TDS family and services all Computer-Rx and Rx30 users’ clinical needs. The EMS team of trained clinicians provides high-quality, clinical intervention outreach services to patients and providers in collaboration with pharmacies and health plans, working with patients to ensure they take their medications and resolve medication-related problems. EMS engages with providers in facilitating needed prescription updates and changes. These interventions provide “quality lift” for TDS partner pharmacies and health plans to achieve high-level performance on quality measures and improve health outcomes.

Key Customers

Independent pharmacies across the U.S. including retail, regional chain, hospital-owned, specialty, and compounding.

Ordering Information

For more information on TDS solutions and how they can help your independent pharmacy thrive, call (800) 647-5288 or visit and to learn more.

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