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Start Streamlining Your Pharmacy With Modular Pole Systems from Source Communications [VIDEO]

Start Streamlining Your Pharmacy With Modular Pole Systems from Source Communications

Modular Pole Systems™ from Source Communications can improve your customer experience, bolster staff morale, and increase productivity by streamlining processes across your facilities.

Company Background

Source Communications has been providing services and products to the nation’s top retailers since 1987. We are a single vendor solution for certified technology services and products to improve your businesses’ productivity, profitability, security, and sustainability across the complete physical infrastructure of your facilities.

We provide custom products and services supporting point of sale equipment and computer systems nationwide. We believe in providing extras that help make you operate more smoothly, more efficiently, and more economically than you’ve ever experienced. Start Here.

Product Overview

Modular Pole Systems (MPS) will streamline your pharmacy counter to improve employee productivity and silently suggest to the customer that your pharmacy is a modern, efficient facility. These customized metal poles consolidate all of your POS + RX hardware, like keyboards, touch screens, pin pads, hand scanners, and printers all into one vertical area. It saves counter space and economizes the efforts of your employees.

Features & Options

-Improved Customer Engagement

When your equipment is organized and mounted, employees spend less time away from their customers and more time taking care of them.

-Easy to Use, Inexpensive to Own

The modular aspect of the design allows you to add and subtract from the pole as you see fit, you don’t need an entirely new system if your equipment changes.

-Easily Adaptable

Our products are reconfigurable, so as your needs or equipment changes, the product can change along with it. This provides a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Product Specifications

-In Stores Across the Country

You can buy with confidence because our systems were named by a top, national retailer as their enterprise solution for mounting touch screens.

-Patented Dual Tilting Tension

Our never fail constant friction hinge technology ensures it will never become loose. The dual tilting tension makes a touchscreen easy to relocate and stay in place with consistent use.

-Mount More Equipment

Get more U.S.M.A (Usable Surface Mount Area). We have more surfaces to hold more equipment then a round pole. Our poles are easy to reconfigure, so when your needs change, it’s easy to upgrade or reconfigure your Modular Pole Systems™ products.


“Quality solutions, flexibility, engineering excellence, and fantastic customer service. In my mind, no other ‘stand’ competitor could stand up to your solutions.”— Senior Sales Engineer for a Leading Payment Terminal Manufacture

Additional Product Lines


UnderStands are the most secure, most versatile, and easiest to use card reader stands available today. They provide tilting and swiveling options while maintaining PCI compliance and ADA standards.

-Wireless Cash Carts™

The Wireless Cash Cart™ is a portable, self-contained cash register with a robust internal power system. The cart is configurable to hold all types of point-of-sale equipment.

Ordering Information

Visit our website at or call us at (303)466-8925.

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