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Clean, Comply, Collect - Pharma Logistics [VIDEO]

What Can Pharma Logistics Do for You?

Find out how Pharma Logistics can improve your business

Your patients depend on you for prescription drugs but administering care is both exacting and time-consuming. Pharma Logistics gets you credits for expired drugs and keeps you compliant with all federal and state regulations. Let us provide ROI while you concentrate on providing good healthcare. For thousands of pharmacies across the country, Pharma Logistics delivers a range of services, including:

-Rapid Credit: Receive reimbursement within 14 days from the day your product arrives at our facility.

-Onsite Service: Trained and licensed representatives come onsite to check paperwork, ensure proper packaging, and prepare shipments for carrier pickup.

-Box & Ship Service: Manually pack and ship your own returns with prepaid labels and boxes.

Clean, Comply, Collect

Pharma Logistics brings efficiency and 24/7 visibility to the returns process so you can focus on patient care and the community. Call 888-729-7427 or visit

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