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Telnet-Rx Remote Solutions is a pharmacy remote medication order verification service that provides a cost-effective option to facilities that are unable to operate a 24-hour pharmacy.

Remote Pharmacy Solutions:

Provide 24 Hour Tele-Pharmacy Services

-Continuation of Patient Care

-Reduce staffing costs

-Supported by Joint Commission

-Compliance with CDPH and CMS

-Improve Effectiveness of Automation, eMAR, and CPOE Technology

-Reduction in Medication Errors

Pharmacy Management:

-Management Support

-Regulatory Compliance

-Performance Improvement

-Pharmaceutical Inventory Control

-Clinical Program Development

-Residency Program Implementation

Pharmacy Staffing:

-Complete Relief, Temporary, and Permanent Staffing

-Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians

-Support Hospitals, Retail, Long Term, and Rehabilitation Facilities

-Diverse background and Clinically Competent

Pharmacy Consultation:

-Medication Error Reduction Plan (MERP)

-Joint Commission, AOA, and DNV Surveys

-Pharmaceutical Inventory Reduction and Control

-Technology Implementation Support

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