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Master the Next Step in Your Career - University of Wyoming

The need for adaptive leaders has never been greater! The University of Wyoming offers an innovative, online, Master's degree in Health Services Administration through the University of Wyoming’s School of Pharmacy for pharmacists and other health professionals looking to advance their careers in the pharmaceutical and health care fields.

Our online Master of Science in Health Services Administration program is an opportunity for you to acquire the knowledge and credentials that will help advance your career in the tightening job market. Success in promotion or job switching requires evidence of an edge over others who are applying for the same position. Our degree on your resume' can provide that edge.

We have four specialization tracks from which to choose:

- Health Institution Leadership

- Health Economics & Outcomes

- Bio-pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

- Healthcare Quality Improvement

All of our students are busy working professionals, so we have designed our online course delivery to accommodate your busy schedule. We teach courses in blocks so that you take one course at a time, but can attain your degree in less than two years.

Alyssa Sudermann
Director of Recruitment and Student Retention
MS, HSA - School of Pharmacy
The University of Wyoming

Here is our website: For more information, please contact Alyssa at

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